low-fidelity listening

This week I have focused on experimenting with some tools and concepts; risk-free making…

I did a re-mix of the lead track from my latest EP that reflects the quality the audio would have had for those listening to it through the speakers on a smartphone. The idea here was to explore how the listener of a piece of music has a final say on its composition/performance, by mixing a piece of music to a quality that many people would hear it due to hardware limitations.

It has got me thinking about the role of the audience for music, in a variety of contexts, and potentially how little they may be aware of their it.

I also had ago at playing around in Processing, a programming environment that will come in handy when I start to look at web-based interactive toys. I created an account in OpenProcessing where I can keep my sketches.

Screenshot 2019-10-07 at 22.47.24.png

link to play with sketch

Author: gary-martin