noodling and beyond

So this week, inspired by this and this, I decided to record and share a performance online. The idea is simple, I wanted to noodle while my noodles were cooking.

After a quick jig around of my drum kit and a trip to Morrisons I was quite quickly set up in the kitchen ready to play along to the bass drone sound of the microwave cooking my super noodles.

In the spirit of immediacy, I very quickly created a bass melody in Ableton and a simple percussion line, and chose a lead instrument for me to play with on the midi keyboard. After a very very very brief pre-noodle, I hit go on the microwave and began the music making, knowing exactly when I had to stop.

This was all filmed with two cameras, one up in my kitchen cupboard leaning against a jar, and the other was held by my, then bewildered, partner. I had a field recorder capturing the microwave sound and the drum kit playing and the rest of the audio in Ableton was recorded internally.

The editing process took place in iMovie, and didn’t take too long at all – there were only four sources of content to edit together. For an extra bit of fun I decided to grab some stock footage of stuff happening to microwaves to help break up the two angles of myself in the kitchen.

What will come next? Do I need to take this somewhere else?

Author: gary-martin