‘tour in a day’

‘tour in a day’ is a project that highlights how, for many people, everyday listening experiences have become more passive in recent years due to the increasingly pervasive use of internet platforms and social networking sites that favour visual content over audio. (This is because you can consume lots of pictures and tweets in the same time as it would take to listen to a single piece of music all the way through.)

To highlight this, and to give people an interesting active listening experience, I booked a tour of micro performances that took place in a single day in a number of locations across Newport. The idea is that if people haven’t got the time to go to see live music or to mindfully listen to an album all the way through, I could go to them, and in the time of the average interaction on Instagram, they could conveniently watch some live music.

Performing in these everyday spaces where people are already, plays to the topical idea of convenience – if they can’t come to me, I’ll go to them. It’s only a short amount of time, again convenient, and roughly the amount of time people spend on Instagram in a single interaction. The ‘tour in a day’ idea reflects the notion that experiences are becoming condensed: read the summary of a book in 15 mins (blinkest), get your toothbrush delivered the same day you order it (Amazon), watch a whole TV boxset in a weekend (Netflix). In condensing a tour, something that usually happens over an extended period of time, into one day, and with these gigs being streamed online, it would also allow people to watch me, replacing one of their many smartphone interactions with a bitesize performance.

The performances are 1-2 minutes long and do not require any tech support; it is a completely mobile setup, in the effort to be as convenient as possible. 

These are the venues I performed at in Newport:

Hortons Cafe
Kettle Cafe (10-11)
Aladdin’s Cave (11:30)
St David’s Hospice
Tiny Rebel (send email)
Vacaras Fish and Chips
Hounds Barbers (text a time)
Holy Cheesus (before 12, after 2)
Rogue Fox
GCM Coffee (Cheltenham)
Salon, TC202 (University of Gloucestershire)

After the success of the ‘tour in a day’, and a proof of concept, I approached the organiser of Art on the Hill, Newport and asked if I could use the festival as a platform for another tour. I was given access to a variety of public and private ‘venues’ to perform in, which was documented well by a friend, resulting in a documentary style video (found here).

Author: gary-martin