Meredith Monk ft. Squarespace

The idea for this desktop performance came from a challenge I had set myself earlier in that day: to log all of the ‘noise’ I heard that day; sound that I hadn’t intentionally created myself, in both physical and digital spaces.

I failed to complete this challenge as I got side-tracked and made this remix instead.

Sqaurespace ads had been popping up on Youtube on every video I tried to watch, which were mainly songs by Meredith Monk.

I decided to force the two to collaborate, embracing the disruptive nature of the advert that we try to skip as soon as possible, and using it to create an on the fly remix between Squarespace advert audio and songs from Meredith Monk’s album ‘Lady of Late’.

The process was more difficult than I thought it would be. Or at least, I spent more time experimenting and playing with the performability of the videos than I thought I would.

Try it yourself

Have a go at making your own with the two videos below.
Top Tip: find interesting points in the track to move back to to create repetition in the performance.

Author: gary-martin