sketching with code

In order to create interactive music experiences that require minimal technical training or specialist music equipment, I have been creating sketches using p5.js, ‘a JavaScript library for creative coding, with a focus on making coding accessible and inclusive for artists’.

I have created a number of experiments starting with some very basic visuals and interactive mechanics.

The demo experiments with instructions on how to use them can be found here. These can also be duplicated to your own account and remixed to create your own working sketches.

These have then informed a few finished tools that are available on my website.

experiment 1 – drumset:

experiment 2 – xylophone:

experiment 3 – string wobble:

experiment 4 – mousebounce synth:

experiment 5 – bowie lip sync:

experiment 6 – synth:

experiment 7 – loop station:

experiment 8 – generative music video:

experiment 9 – interactive music video (not complete):

Author: gary-martin