noodling and beyond

So this week, inspired by this and this, I decided to record and share a performance online. The idea is simple, I wanted to noodle while my noodles were cooking.

After a quick jig around of my drum kit and a trip to Morrisons I was quite quickly set up in the kitchen ready to play along to the bass drone sound of the microwave cooking my super noodles.

In the spirit of immediacy, I very quickly created a bass melody in Ableton and a simple percussion line, and chose a lead instrument for me to play with on the midi keyboard. After a very very very brief pre-noodle, I hit go on the microwave and began the music making, knowing exactly when I had to stop.

This was all filmed with two cameras, one up in my kitchen cupboard leaning against a jar, and the other was held by my, then bewildered, partner. I had a field recorder capturing the microwave sound and the drum kit playing and the rest of the audio in Ableton was recorded internally.

The editing process took place in iMovie, and didn’t take too long at all – there were only four sources of content to edit together. For an extra bit of fun I decided to grab some stock footage of stuff happening to microwaves to help break up the two angles of myself in the kitchen.

What will come next? Do I need to take this somewhere else?


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[ staring at the clear cave wall. ] #lifemixflow

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This week I focused on creating a number of multi-media compositions for Instagram – 8 second loops that visually capture a series of moments from a single day, a caption that represents a mood/feeling/action I reflected on while making the music, and the music which was made in one go in under 10 minutes.

These pieces reflect some ideas I read about in Digital Tarkovsky around the pervasive use of internet platforms being considered a cinematic experience because of the way it disrupts our flow of time.

I enjoy making these and think if I approach these with a #sketch mindset, and am not precious about them, they will become easier to make – and get into the habit of creating them fairly regularly.

I still think there is room for refinement on the process, focusing on the sonic aspect of the sketch – perhaps considering a different moving image element.

low-fidelity listening

This week I have focused on experimenting with some tools and concepts; risk-free making…

I did a re-mix of the lead track from my latest EP that reflects the quality the audio would have had for those listening to it through the speakers on a smartphone. The idea here was to explore how the listener of a piece of music has a final say on its composition/performance, by mixing a piece of music to a quality that many people would hear it due to hardware limitations.

It has got me thinking about the role of the audience for music, in a variety of contexts, and potentially how little they may be aware of their it.

I also had ago at playing around in Processing, a programming environment that will come in handy when I start to look at web-based interactive toys. I created an account in OpenProcessing where I can keep my sketches.

Screenshot 2019-10-07 at 22.47.24.png

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lost in translation – a WhatsApp soap opera

make a thing.001 (4)

An experiment that explores the role of sound in visual contexts.

Conversations take place in WhatsApp utilising the voice type feature in to exchange each message, where I spoke in English and the recipient speaks another language. The voice type system interprets the non-English message in the context of the English language and types out words that sound most like words in English from its library. 

This idea is being developed from screen to stage. Ongoing conversations between myself and Jack (Utililux), are currently in the process of being interpreted into a script for a live soap-opera-style performance. The messages will be played out in a different context, further removing intended meaning from the recipient’s message.