‘reptilian parametric’

This is a new song I created using some samples I came across yesterday. In the spirit of making fast music quickly I chopped the samples up in Ableton and created this track on the train journey home to Newport from Cheltenham (1hr).

I aim to perform this track live as part of my Salon performance next week with some interactive elements for the audience.


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[ staring at the clear cave wall. ] #lifemixflow

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This week I focused on creating a number of multi-media compositions for Instagram – 8 second loops that visually capture a series of moments from a single day, a caption that represents a mood/feeling/action I reflected on while making the music, and the music which was made in one go in under 10 minutes.

These pieces reflect some ideas I read about in Digital Tarkovsky around the pervasive use of internet platforms being considered a cinematic experience because of the way it disrupts our flow of time.

I enjoy making these and think if I approach these with a #sketch mindset, and am not precious about them, they will become easier to make – and get into the habit of creating them fairly regularly.

I still think there is room for refinement on the process, focusing on the sonic aspect of the sketch – perhaps considering a different moving image element.